About me

My name is Akhil Chand. I'm an innovative Software Engineer with 3.5 years of work experience seeking opportunities as a Python Developer. I'm a quick learner and an affective communicator. My motto in life is to learn something new every day and I actively seek feedback to keep growing.

Thank you

My Experience

Software Developer at Tech Mahindra.

Understanding & mapping client’s requirements / enhancements to the product, resourcing requirement analysis - software and manpower.

Developing, implementing & providing all kind of support for business application software for clients.

What I Know

• Operating Systems: Unix, Windows 8/10
• Programming Languages: Python 3, Django framework, NumPy
• Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
• Cloud Platform: MySQL, Heroku, PostgreSQL
• Others: IT support, EUC support, GitHub, Git, MS-Office 2010/365

PS: Working on learning more Technologies.

How I Learn

Reverse Engineer & Build Ugly Prototypes First.

I can learn just about anything by having a final product to tear apart piece by piece. I break the code where I need to figure out why things work the way they do. Documentation is just a reference.

My Short Term Goals

Aside from building small projects I would love to enter a position where I can be part of a bigger team & learn from others with more experience than myself.

Fun Time

Chuck Norris

The US did not boycott the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow due to political reasons: Akhil Chand killed the entire US team with a single round-house kick during TaeKwonDo practice.

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